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Priyansh Saxena

Priyansh Saxena
  • Managing Director, Duftar

Currently working as founder, director of Duftar UK, Ireland and Germany. Have been working with computers since 1994 but professionally from 2009. Before starting Duftar in 2016, I was working with global IT companies in India where I was leading service delivery process for billion-dollar organizations. I did my IT degree in India and master’s in service management and design from University of Warwick, UK. Also, working with University of Warwick as Guest lecturer for studies in Product Design.

Duftar was born by winning a global entrepreneurship scheme by UK Home Office. It was recognized for its innovative ideas and the positive impact it can have on UK economy. Since then, we have delivered exceptional IT services to some of the fortune 500 companies in UK and Europe and a sign of exceptional services is our revenue which is growing 3-5 times every  year. Last year we opened a office in Ireland and this year in Germany.

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